About The Race

The goal of Ruck. Run. Remember. is to insure that we never forget those lost on September 11, 2001 and the sacrifices that first responders and military personnel make to protect us from evil. As a result of the September 11 attacks 2,995* people lost thier lives. Each race participant will run in honor of one of the individuals who lost their lives that day.

Two Ways To Participate – Both are 9.11k

10k Ruck (Backpack Carry) & Remember

Carry a ruck sack (minimum 25 lbs) for the entire race distance. Gain insight into the world of the warriors who carry as much as 100 pounds of gear into battle. Feel a small portion of the pain that first responders feel as they carry 80+ pounds of turn out gear while they work to save lives every day.

10k Run & Remember

Run 10k along a beautiful, flat, fast course. Awesome memorial items, food trucks, and an amazing finisher experience await you. Running a fall marathon? This is a great tune up! Most importantly, remember those who have fallen protecting us from evil both at home and abroad.


Register early, prices increase on August 1st and September 1st

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Medal, Gear, & memories


The kind of gear you will be proud to wear for years to come.


Charity Partners

Get Behind The Badge

Get Behind The Badge was established in 2001 after the tragic line of duty death of Whitehall Officer Terry McDowell. During the violent attack of Officer McDowell, his partner Eric Brill was also shot and subsequently lost his eye. Officer Brill was unable to return to work as a law enforcement officer. Several weeks later on 9/11, New York City was attacked and dealt a very tragic loss of many lives including those of the first responders (police and fire personnel). These incidents and the line of duty deaths and critical injuries of several other Central Ohio first responders raised the awareness that we needed a charity to raise funds to assist the families of these fallen and injured heroes. Learn more here.

Fallen 15

Fallen 15 is dedicated to enriching the lives of and having a lasting impact on the Veteran community. Our Whole Warrior Programs and Events are designed to re-establish the bonds and camaraderie often found in a military environment. These characteristics, which are so important to the Veteran identity, are often lost upon returning home or transitioning out of the service. Restoration of these can aid in Warrior recovery and growth and are the benchmark of our success at Fallen 15.

A note about security

All participants and their gear will be subject to search at security personnel’s discretion.

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